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Do you really want media advice and training from someone who has not been near a newsroom for years — or perhaps decades?


Do you really want editorial services from a writer or editor who has not worked at the highest level and has no design or production experience? Or do you want the complete package?


Jane has worked as both a writer and editor on some of the country's leading broadsheets, tabloids and magazines — from the Times and the Telegraph, to The Sun and Daily Mail — and her work still appears regularly in a number of national newspapers.


She now draws on that wealth of experience and inside knowledge to offer specialist communications advice and services to a wide range of healthcare clients.


Recent projects include writing a reporter's guide to a rare condition for a pharmaceutical company, writing reports and press releases for  consumer healthcare brands, chairing media advisory boards in the UK and Europe, mock interviews as part of an executive recruitment process and identifying story angles and messaging strategies for PR agencies and developing advertorial copy for a high street healthcare chain.

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